About Us

About Alltec Fibre Optic Ireland

Alltec Fibre Ltd has been in the communications and electrical installation business since 1998.  We specialise at installation, terminating and testing of fibre optic, voice and electrical networks.

Alltec have been involved with the roll-out of communication and electrical installations for customers like Eircom (National Trunk Routes), RPA (Luas Light Rail Dublin), Mercury Engineering (Intel Fab-10, Fab-24, Fab-24/2), UPC (Cable TV Network Dublin), Dublin City Council and others.  This type of work involves external and internal cable installation and termination. 

Being involved with these companies has meant that we have been fortunate enough to work on many of the large and high profile projects which have taken place in Ireland over the last 11 years.  The projects we have built and the companies we have served require very specific protocols to be adhered too.

About our Fibre Optic Networks & Fibre Optic Cabling

Alltec Fibre Optics Ireland specialise in these sensitive protocol-driven sites & projects where cables have to be installed in class 1 & 2 road ways, car parks, rail lines, airport buildings and roadways, occupied offices, data-centres & clean rooms.  All of these areas generally have business as usual operating conditions, so minimum disruption is required.  Working in these environments is our speciality.  Reading our list of Key Personnel and Projects you will see that we have all the disciplines and vast experience needed for this type of work.